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Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American manufacturer of skincare, cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances, usually sold in high-end department stores. It is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies.

Audrey angrily shared her experience with Clinique, "About two months ago, I placed an order through Clinique's website. The expected discount did not apply so I called and canceled and got confirmation it canceled. Then two days later I got an email the canceled order shipped and I was charged for it, as well as the second, proper order I placed. Then, because they use the worst shipping service in the world, neither package arrived for over a month. I was told by customer service on the phone to keep the one I paid for, as well as a free reship as an apology for the delay in arrival. They then refused to credit me for the package that never arrived, costing me $120. I will never buy from Clinique again. Hands down the worst customer service of my life."


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A/C (Former Employee) says

"Loved the travel to different counters, but the management at the different counters were rude and unprofessional. I would never work for this company again, nor would I recommend working for them."

Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"Clinique executives are absolutely awful, it is a depressing environment. There is no encouragement or happiness. I would never work for them again, they are just terrible."

Secrétaire administrative (Former Employee) says

"A fuir! aucune reconnaissance ! La hiérarchie est plus que médiocre ! Et les employés surmenés ! Sous payé, vous demande de faire des choses qui n'ont rien à voir avec votre poste de départ. Ils ne pensent qu'a l'argent dans cette clinique"

Beauty Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I’m glad I left this company honestly the manager was a bully she was always putting me down and putting me aside she would never want me talking to other girls from other counters she would make it a big deal and tell them to get away honestly I’ve had better job experiences but this one was by far one the worst job I’ve ever had."

Buisness Manager (Former Employee) says

"Possibly the worst job I’ve ever had."

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The Manager on the Clinique Counter boasts nothing but unprofessionalism. From making nasty comments about your appearance/intelligence, to neglecting the counter so they can enjoy gossiping with other employees within the store about other members of staff; no real targets set in place and overall a really unexciting role to be in. If you want to progress in your career at all, don’t work here. Cons: Bullied on a daily basis"

Clinique Consultant (Former Employee) says

"I had the worse experience ever and I imagine that really did not enjoy it at all ,as I was on my first week and been mixed up in this awful person who was working with me and nothing was done to protect me .I have seen a place every other shop I went people from the Bureau at treated not so nicely .I have had enough after a year and leaving the company been a total waste of time for me. Cons: Bereau"

Menarys Cookstown - Accredited Clinical Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Unfortunately the store and management i was with was a disgrace. Nothing was every organised, you never had any help of positive feedback. I would not recommend to anyone. The company itself does not care about your personal needs, you are only a number to them. Cons: Management"

Consultant (Current Employee) says

"They openly punish you for taking vacations and tell you since you’re taking a vacation they are making you work the worst schedule possible. Also they blackout so many days that you barely get to take your vacation. Also they lie to clients constantly about the products and what they do and what they are for just to make a sale. Cons: Everything about this job is a con"

Beauty Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Management are nasty. They will go out of there way to make sure your time there is a nightmarel. pay is awful and targets are unrealistic."

Counter Manager (Former Employee) says

"very inconsistent schedule. there is absolutely no support from the store manager. very dude and demanding. no support from the clinque management as a team Cons: poor management"

Agent administratif (Former Employee) says

"Stage non bénéfique pour la vie professionnelle futur"

Certified (Former Employee) says

"Very bossy company because of its standards, making it no fun to go to work. Also there is no growth in the company at all which is a huge deal breaker for me."

Sales Consultant (Work Experience) says

"Job duties included: Promoting sales. Working with customers to satisfy their needs, and stocking products. Cleaning work areas and carrying out other instructed duties. Being presentable, helpful and understanding to other members of the public. I have discovered that I am comfortable and enjoy working with the public and wish to further this."

employée de service (Former Employee) says

"du menage toute la journée Cons: rien"

Beauty Advisor Estee Lauder (Former Employee) says

"The counter manager at Clinique Macys will make wonder why you even applied for this position. The culture is cut throat, stressful and back biting. The turn over is huge because no one can work with the two of the counter mangers in this department. They bully others, steal sales and create a very hostile work environment. I recommend choosing another place to work."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"unrealistic targets to meet which if you don not succeed the world and more comes down on you. Area manager I had was very rude and unprofessional. They don’t hesitate sacking anyone, which I witnessed over pathetic reasons. You are just a number, not appreciated for any hard work you put in. One foot wrong and you’re out. Not worth it, you’re better than this. Cons: Rude managers, very stressful"

ASH- Agent hospitalier (Former Employee) says

"Une journée de travail typique était de servir les petits déjeuner et de continuer par du ménage toute la journée et aussi de servir les repas.L'aspect le plus difficile a été de voir des personnes souffrantes."

secrétaire - facturière (Current Employee) says

"Bonne entente avec mes collègues mais travail oppressant"

Sales Manager/General Manager (Former Employee) says

"I couldn't stand calling people at home to bother them and sell products"

Former Employee - Copy Manager says

"I worked at Clinique full-time for less than a year Cons: My 8 months working at Clinique HQ were some of the most difficult of my life. I would throw up before work due to the stress and fear of being there. I cried almost daily. I felt so disrespected, hated, useless and belittled. Though I've since quit, I'm still handling the effects of such a toxic environment. If you're considering working for Clinique ask around about the manager first. There are some great people at the company, unfortunately, I never got to work with them. The global ecomm team and the directors who handle copy (wish i was allowed to say specific job title) should not be allowed to still work there nor manage people. DO NOT work for her or on that team if you value your sanity."

Current Employee - Marketing Manager says

"I have been working at Clinique full-time for more than a year Cons: -Senior leadership cannot make decisions at milestone moments in the GTM process slowing down all project progression. -And senior leaders make bad decisions. -The organization is siloed and not integrated at all. -The amount of employees on one team is not balanced in the rest of the organization. -Micromanagers run the place. They even want to read your emails. -Middle management is not appreciated and they are the one’s doing all the work while senior leaders just give unclear direction, attend meetings all day long and present the managers work in those said meetings. -Old school working environment and everyone dresses business casual. Don’t expect to be yourself at work. -Outdated office from the 80’s. -There is zero culture in this brand with no sense of team mentality. -Employee turnover is high. More than 15+ people have left in the past year."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Clinique part-time Cons: -low hours -low clients -low pay -management is hardly present"

Beauty Advisor says

"I worked at Clinique Cons: My counter manager treated me terrible as she did everyone that came to work there. Everyone quit because of her, I was the last man standing and I hung in there for a bit until I could no longer. The department store Clinique was located in was ran by a manager that that did not care about the employees just the money the sore makes."

Former Employee - Associate Consultant says

"I worked at Clinique part-time for more than 5 years Cons: Little volume stores do not have products. Event teams get only 1 school now. New products sell out in the first day and it takes months to get it back in the store."

Current Employee - says

"I have been working at Clinique part-time for more than a year Cons: pressure in civilian retail settings, expected to meet quota for macys credit cards, expected to meet quota and use register for clothing purchases in Lord and Taylor. False hopes of promotion and or raises or extra hours. Company does not pay more than 35 hours for consultants or managers in order to avoid paying benefits to employees. Even if you meet sales goals you still stay stagnant in the same position. Counter Manager job duties include training and developing consultants and hiring, but will mostly be discouraged to do so in order to avoid skill building which will then lead to raises or promotions. Unpaid one week vacation. Sometimes find your self working double counters in order to get extra hours and expect to do the same work for both different counters, but no benefits. Yes taking up extra hours to help and cover other locations is nice, but when one person quits and you volunteer to cover, watch out, because it is hard to back out, then you get left burned out with all management duties of two jobs. Two jobs really costs two different pays, so why not pay your employees to work two jobs instead of giving the pay rate of one job and still forcing the person to work two jobs. Be careful, learn to say no in this company and show that your time is valuable. Don't be afraid to say no."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Clinique part-time Cons: No management at my counter; very petty, associates would stab each other in the backs and steal sales, favoritism ran rampant."

Former Employee - Digital Marketing Manager says

"I worked at Clinique full-time for less than a year Cons: The digital marketing team is disorganized, poorly managed, hectic, and overwhelmed. I honestly can not convey how horrible this working experience was. I was brought onto the team under the impression that it was innovative and growing, but under a new VP there was nothing but turnover with open positions that were vacant for months and a workload that only grew exponentially, while projects were micromanaged. Every other team at the company enjoyed what appeared to be a great work/life balance with happy and thoughtful management while digital marketing/consumer engagement was run by people who barely understood how the internet worked, could provide no direction, and only served to slow down both projects and progress. Every tiny decision has to be discussed to death, then discussed again. And, worst of all, only a few people were actually responsible for producing documents, decks, one sheets, etc, but those people were constantly (myself included) excluded from meetings where the work was presented and never given credit. Unless there was a mistake and then certainly the person would be blamed."

Director says

"I worked at Clinique Cons: - Poor and dysfunctional senior management team - Lack of growth - Top-heavy - Inconsistent promotion and bonus structures"

Sales Associate says

"I worked at Clinique Cons: Retail hours (to be expected). Being on your feet all day on concrete floors, incredible high pressure to make sales goals, item per transaction goal, average expendable sale goals. havingt balance dealing with the retailer and the brand managers. You'rebasically expendable. No chance of promotion unless upper management likes you. Not enough coverage on the sales floor. You get sick of the restrictive dress code. Not enough help with gift with purchase. Extremely demanding for the pay."

GWen AAAAAA says

"CLINIQUE sUCkz because they test on animals"

Kate Robinson says

"I made an order Nov 25th for Christmas gifts 6 items total. on Nov 27th I recieved UPS tracking for 4 items and confirmation 4 items were delivered. Christmas morning opening the gifts I realize 2 items are still missing and email customer service. I receive confirmation someone will contact me within 5-7 days. January 10th and still no contact so I go "live" and speak to "James" send him my confirmation numbers and explain and he says its passed the 30 days for re ship, and then I attach my screenshots of the emails and complaint on Christmas Day and that no one has followed up. Still missing the 2 items, over $50 worth of product. Have re sent an email asking for my missing items after failing to be able to speak to an actual human being about my order. Extremely unhappy and disappointed and $50 short."

Kristina Mika says

"Worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. I placed a $200+ order in November and accidentally sent it to an old address. It is now January and I have contacted Clinique at least 5-7 times asking to receive my order at my current correct address, and I STILL have not received my order. I just keep getting told that I will get an email confirmation and that they will resend it to my current address but I have never received any email yet or my order. I can’t believe it to be honest. I don’t know what else to do and I’m not sure why it’s so hard for Clinique to fix this. Even though I want the products I spend over $200 for, I’m not sure it’s even worth the effort anymore, but they probably won’t even give me my money back anyway considering how it’s been going. I never write reviews for anything but my experience has been so poor that I felt obliged to say something somewhere. So congrats to Clinique for being so bad that I decided to write a review!"

Annette Martin says

"The worst customer service I have ever come across. I just spent over an hour on online chat going round in circles. Placed 2 orders in the sale one on 24th Dec and one on 25th Dec - both went through an money taken straight away. The first order from 24th was dispatched today and when I contacted chat to chase the 2nd order I was advised it was because of brexit and as I live in Ireland they cannot deliver to me and my order is being cancelled. Point 1 - they never contacted me to say they were canceilling. Point 2 - the first order was sent today (so why not the second one). Point 3 - I live in N Ireland not Ireland."

Marisol Kröncke says

"Worst experience ever. They will not sent me a return label and it’s been 4 weeks. So rude and unprofessional. I will not order anymore."

Steve W says

"Ordered December 2 (Wednesday) and received confirmation the order shipped December 7 (Monday). Received Canada Post tracking info on shipping confirmation. At the time, the tracking advised approx. 5 business days. Product never showed up so went to the tracking info and apparently it hasn’t even shipped yet however the estimated arrival date keeps saying "tomorrow". Contacted support via email and received the automated message of 3-5 business days for a response. A week later, no response. Tried the online chat today and the wait time stated 5-15 minutes. After 1 hour, I had to move on with life This whole experience is frustrating and a waste of time. Clinique is not effective with their shipping and shows no interest in providing any form of customer service. The fact that it’s been a few days shy of a month and the product hasn’t shipped is making me wonder if the website is a scam hoping people just give up and let them keep the money. As I cannot receive a response from support, my only option will be to contact my credit card company and request a charge-back."

Cassie McKnight says

"I wouldn't even give a 1 star. Even though the service reps are as helpful as they can be the management and company has completely set them up to fail. I would never deal with them again if possible."

Jolene Morrow says

"Even before a COVID excuse, this website is inexcusable for the nightmare just to place an order...throw in the discount code and you would rather visit the DMV."

Heather Wurtz says

"Worst customer service experience of my life. I spent countless hours on the phone and online chat trying to resolve simple problems with shipping (including an incorrect shipping address and a missing item). The problem still has not been resolved. I will never shop Clinique online again. It’s not worth the headache!"

Shreeyukta Bhattarai says

"HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ONLINE PURCHASE EXPERIENCE!! This is the second time I have gotten the wrong item delivered. I would say, they send whatever they feel like. When I called first time to exchange the wrong item: 1. had to wait longest period of time to talk with someone, 2. They send me another wrong item again. I just let it go the first time. Today, I got "7 day scrub cream" instead of "take the day of" and got " even better clinical radical dark spot corrector" instead of "Repairwear Laser Focus™ Wrinkle Correcting Eye Cream". What is wrong with them? I have worked hard to earn this money. Please! I am not your money feeding machine. This is not acceptable."

Raymond Fulton says

"Clinique service is the worst that I have experienced in 2020. My wife has been a long time customer and has declared she is finished with this incompetent outfit"

jackcarter says

"Placed an online order only to have my money refunded 5 days later and THEN be notified the next day the items were out of stock. Frustrated as this has left without three gifts - could of informed me earlier ot better still not take orders they can't fulfil. Would really of expected better from a large company."

Mytime4reviews says

"Ordered November 28. Confirmed shipped December 1. No tracking by Canada Post until December 8 as showing picked up from Clinique. Clinique failed to give package to Canada Post for almost a week after they sent me email saying it was shipped. December 11th and still not delivered. Placed a few online orders that same day with other online retailers (not Amazon or Walmart) and received orders within 5 business days. Contact customer service via chat and telephone is useless. Their representatives clearly have no customer services skills nor knowledge. Frustrating and a lot of wasted time. Clinique is running poor shipping and horrible customer service. After using their products for over 30 years, and issues with the past few online orders, I realized it’s time to look at newer products on the market since Clinique shows no interest in their customer service."

Ian Catlow says

"Placed an order (PZ563601040GB) for Christmas, received an e-mail telling me it would arrive by 9pm on the 8/12/20. No delivery. I checked the tracking number, my parcel is in the south west DC. That's great, but I live in the North west. Also the same issue as others. You try the live chat option, you go around in circles and waste time to receive a "sorry we're currently busy, try again later." Really really poor service. I have no idea if I'll receive these Christmas presents in time. Go to Boots or another superstore to purchase Clinique products rather than go direct."

MM says

"I seriously hate the automated tools that companies put in to answer questions. I have been using Clinique for over 25 years and am finished, they should invest in actual live staff to answer questions rather than sending you into an endless loop of automated responses."

Stacy Riley Painter says

"If I could give this company less than 1 star, I would. I bought things the first day of a promotion...I was supposed to receive a bag with various makeup products as well as some moisture surge set for spending over $80. I went ahead and spent the amount to receive the promotion, and I was given absolutely no promotion. When I tried to contact Clinique I was just given a teleprompter telling me to email. I emailed my complaint and was told that they must have ran out and that I would get nothing. Since they ran this promotion several days past when I placed my order, this answer was unacceptable. I used to work for Clinique and have never had such problems with any orders. I will never use this company again after this experience. They could have substituted free gifts to make it right, but they did not."

phyllis Brokenborough says

"Awful customer service - Placed two orders; received emails canceling orders with no reasons why. Decided to check why - Chat rep could not help; was told I would be chat transferred for assistance but no response. Decided to call - stayed on hold for an unreasonable time thus far - not sure whether anyone will answer. Apparently Clinique doesn't care about losing customers!!"

Iliketoshop says

"I've been using Clinique for over 20 years. Given the customer service experience I have had on this order I will never order online again. Bad service on chat (took hours to get someone to answer), phone (first rep never processed promised discount), and the second rep couldn't calculate my discount correctly. Basic math, people. When I tried to help she talked over me. I am an accountant so I'd say I have a fairly good grasp on how to calculate a discount. At one point I had to politely ask "can I talk?". I even walked her through it and she still was confused and would not admit she didn't get it. At this point, I probably won't get my additional 15%, but I don't care. Vote with your pocketbooks people! No amount of points and free product is worth this. Clinique, you have a real problem in your customer service branch. You need to make a massive change and soon. I just wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered and spared myself the aggravation."

Page Charlie says

"I ordered something and learned it was on backorder. then I got a shipping email and cancellation email the same day. 2 weeks later I ordered something else, put the promo code in but the price did not reflect the promo code. I called immediately and cancelled it. The order sat pending on my credit card until 2 days later when I got an email with a tracking number. I called and they said they can stop the delivery (but the didn't stop the charge. I called again and they told me it will take an additional 10 business days to see my credit, and they offered me a free sample of something. Still waiting... so I called again, 4 days later and the representative never saw the refund request. He did see the delivery was received back at Clinique but they never refunded me the money. Now I'm supposed to wait another 14 days to see the credit. I don't believe it will ever happen. Their online/smartphone messaging support is awful. They stop responding right in the middle of your conversation and drop you. I've never encountered such a horrible website in my life. Goodbye clinique."

antony hague says

"Due to Covid this year started ordering direct from Clinique due to to not being able to visit retailers such as Boots and Debenhams. I have ordered several times and every time been offered free samples as you would in-store, but they never arrive, so what is the point of offering if you never give them out ! People use these to try new products but cannot as they never arrive. Also the website will not allow a discount and bonus products together, its one or the other, unlike in-store. I be will glad to get back in to a shop and get a proper service again, free samples, discounts ,bonuses and somebody to help you with your needs, online has its place, but not for Clinique."

Victoria says

"Took five days to tell me that a gift set that I had ordered and paid for was not available. Of course the item is still advertised as available on their website! They ouldn\'t organise a party in a brewery!"

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